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Key Statistics About Divorce in New Jersey

If you are one of many people in the Garden State who might be thinking of divorce at this time, you may have a feeling of being alone, isolated. When it comes to divorce in New Jersey, perspective can be helpful. With this in mind, we provide you with some key statistics about divorce in New Jersey.

New Jersey Divorce Rate

The divorce rate in New Jersey currently stands at approximately 2.7 divorces per 1,000 population. This significant figure provides a reliable insight into the prevalence of divorce within the state, indicating a fairly high frequency of marital dissolution.

Interestingly, New Jersey’s divorce rate is lower than the national average in the United States, which is approximately 3.2 divorces per 1,000 population. This implies that marriages in New Jersey tend to be slightly more resilient and enduring compared to the national average.

Remarkably, New Jersey boasts the lowest divorce rate in the Northeast region of the United States. This suggests that, compared to its regional counterparts, New Jersey fosters a relatively stable environment for marriages, possibly due to a combination of socio-economic factors and state policies.

Percentage of New Jersey Marriages that End in Divorce

It is estimated that around half of all marriages in New Jersey, or about 50%, unfortunately end in divorce. This disheartening statistic implies that half of the marital unions within the state do not stand the test of time, leading to an equal probability of success or failure for marriages in the state.

Average Age of New Jersey Resident Seeking First Divorce

The average age of experiencing a first time New Jersey divorce is 30 years. This means that many marital unions dissolve before the couple has even reached the age of 30, suggesting a trend of relatively early marital breakdowns.

Gender Differences in Initiating New Jersey Divorce

In terms of gender dynamics, women in New Jersey initiate approximately 66 percent of all divorces. This notable statistic reveals a higher tendency among women to instigate divorce proceedings in the state, highlighting potential gender disparities in the initiation of marital dissolution.

Most Common Reason for a New Jersey Divorce

The most commonly cited reason for a divorce in New Jersey is “irreconcilable differences.” This broad term covers a wide range of issues that couples may find themselves unable to resolve, leading to the eventual dissolution of the marital union.

Divorce and Children in New Jersey

Approximately 60 percent of divorce cases in New Jersey involve children. This distressing statistic suggests that a large number of children in the state are affected by the breakdown of their parents’ marriages, raising concerns about the social and emotional impact of divorce on the younger population.

Average Duration of a New Jersey Marriage Before Divorce

The average duration of a marriage that unfortunately ends in a New Jersey divorce is eight years. This indicates the median amount of time couples in the state spend together before deciding to part ways, suggesting a limited longevity of marriages in the state.

Divorce and Remarriage in New Jersey

About 30 percent of individuals who undergo the painful process of divorce in New Jersey choose to remarry. This encouraging statistic indicates a significant proportion of these individuals are willing to give marriage another chance, suggesting an enduring belief in the institution of marriage despite past experiences.

10-Year Divorce Trends in New Jersey

the past decade, the divorce rate in New Jersey has been on a downward trend. This could be a reflection of evolving social dynamics, increased access to marital support and counseling, or an overall improvement in marital stability within the state. A stark reality is that divorce rate trends in New Jersey and elsewhere are really quite fluid and can ebb and flow without any type of real notice.

Same Sex Divorce Rates in New Jersey

Finally, the rate of divorce among same-sex couples in New Jersey mirrors that of opposite-sex couples. This suggests a level of consistency in the dissolution of marriages across the board, regardless of the couples’ gender orientation, indicating that the challenges of maintaining a marriage are universal, irrespective of the gender dynamics of the couple. If you have any questions concerning a divorce in New Jersey, call (201) 845-7400 for a free consultation.






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