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The Law Offices of Peter Van Aulen Are Divorce Lawyers in NJ That Offer A consultation

Choosing an attorney for your divorce is a complicated decision, and one not to be made lightly. You want an attorney with impeccable credentials and a caring personality who isn’t afraid to deal with unpleasant issues. Until you meet with one of the best divorce lawyers in NJ for a free initial consultation, you won’t know if you’re making the right choice.

Why a consultation is Important

Not all attorneys offer a free initial consultation in office. They begin charging you from the first moment you meet However, you don’t want to select an attorney just based on research. Choosing a divorce lawyer is a personal decision. Just because Attorney A was great for your friend, it doesn’t mean he will be right for you. Personalities may not match or he may not offer you the solution you want.

When you sit down with Peter Van Aulen for a free initial consultation, he will listen to you tell the details of your case. He won’t make snap judgments or provide recommendations until he understands your situation. He doesn’t have a set method of dealing with divorce cases but provides legal counsel that is unique to each client. Peter Van Aulen understands that psychological and emotional circumstances play a part in each case and must be taken into account when creating a case.

A Passionate Defender

When an attorney offers a free initial consultation in office, he’s telling you he takes a strong interest in each case. He’s not just looking to add another win to his resume or to make more money. He is selective about his cases and only chooses those he feels will benefit from his knowledge. Peter Van Aulen will work with you to form a powerful strategy to meet your goals. He is confident in his ability to represent you, and he wants you to feel the same sense of trust in him.

In essence, a free initial consultation in office is a time when you and a divorce attorney can “interview” each other.  It is important  to have the right fit with your attorney and find a lawyer who will work hard to prove their capability and concern for you as an individual and not just a case.

You can use this time to ask questions and express concerns. Pay attention to how your issues are addressed. With Peter Van Aulen, he listens to you explain your situation before ever offering legal counsel. It’s only after you tell your story that he presents his ideas on your case. You will quickly see that he is passionate and dedicated in working with his clients. He will work diligently to help you achieve the desired results. Peter Van Aulen is a competent defender. At the same time, he’s also a skilled negotiator and is often able to resolve cases without further litigation.

If you’re considering divorce or in the midst of one, look for an attorney who provides a free initial consultation in office. Schedule a meeting to get to know him and to tell him about your situation. Select a divorce lawyer in NJ who offers a free initial consultation in office which allows you to feel confident of your decision. Contact Peter Van Aulen today at 201-845-7400.

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