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How Technology Can Harm Your Marriage

For nearly everyone in New Jersey and across the United States, the use of different types of technology is ubiquitous. Many New Jersey marriage dissolution lawyers will tell you that technology of different types has contributed to more than a few couples seeking divorce. There exist a variety of ways in which technology potentially can and actually does harm marriages. Some of the more commonplace types of situations are explored in this article. Bear in mind that this is just an overview of some of the negative effects of the overuse and misuse of technology.

Rob a Married Couple of Valuable Time Spent Together

Perhaps the most frequently occurring way in which technology can have harmful effects on a marriage is robbing a couple of time together. Time and again, technology of different types can be found significantly occupying the time of one or both spouses, ultimately limiting time spent between the married couple themselves.

The typical course is for one or both spouses to gradually spend what ultimately becomes a damaging amount of time with some type of technology or device. Some describe it as putting a frog in water in which the temperature is gradually ratcheted up. The frog ends up dying in extremely hot water, not extracting itself from the situation until it is too late.

Destroy the Home and Work Barrier

The destruction of the home and work barrier is not a situation that impacts only marriages. The destruction of the home and work dividing line as the result of technology is a ubiquitous problem around the world.

When the home and work barrier is breached, a variety of negative consequences occur. Among them is a truly negative impact on a marriage.

As an aside, the impact of technology dissolving a home and work barrier not only negatively impacts the personal side of an individual’s life. It can also affect a person’s work life as well.

Negatively Impact Overall Family Time

On a related note, technology can have an overall negative impact on family time more generally. There is data that underscores that parents who are closely wed to different types of technology often are the same individuals who spend less time not only with their spouses but with their offspring as well.

Issues associated with less time spent with children because of factors like excessive time using different types of technology nearly always has an associated impact on the health and wellbeing of a marriage itself. Ultimately, technology can end up not only contributing to a move towards divorce but can impact issues surrounding child custody and parenting time if a marriage dissolution case commences.

Create an Atmosphere of Distrust

With alarming frequency, technology results in the creation of an atmosphere of distrust in a marriage. For example, a spouse might spend time on social media or texting, endeavors that focus on select individuals. Even when there is nothing untoward in any relationship by this spouse, if this type of technology-based interaction continues to increase in regularity, an atmosphere of distrust truly can develop in what amounts to a fairly short period of time.

Damage Intimate Time Together

Finally, a New Jersey marriage dissolution lawyer undoubtedly has had clients who have had issues with technology that ended up impacting a married couple’s intimate time together. This can occur for a number of reasons:

  • A spouse (or both spouses) spends an inordinate amount of time utilizing certain technologies at the expense of intimate time with a marital partner.
  • The overuse of technology can result in the generation of an air of distrust as discussed.
  • The overuse of technology can cause anger and other negative emotions between spouses, resulting in an untenable rift within a marriage.

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