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If you are a noncustodial parent, you undoubtedly want to make the most out of parenting time with your child or children. With that in mind, there are a number of important steps to take to best prepare for enjoyable parenting time with your child. We take a look at nine key steps to prepare for enjoyable parenting time:

  • Plan activities
  • Establish routine
  • Prepare meals
  • Discuss expectations
  • Be patient
  • Stay positive
  • Listen to your child
  • Be flexible
  • Enjoy your parenting time

Plan Activities

One of the first steps you can take to prepare for quality parenting time with your child is to plan engaging activities. Brainstorm and create a list of activities that both you and your child can enjoy together. This could range from playing an interactive board game, taking a scenic trip to the local park, indulging in a creative craft project, or reading an enriching book together. Having a variety of activities planned can not only keep your child entertained but also build their excitement about spending time with you.

Establish Routine

Children tend to thrive in structured environments. Therefore, making an effort to establish a routine for the time you spend with your child can be incredibly beneficial. This routine can encompass regular mealtimes, nap times, and bedtimes. A routine provides a sense of security and predictability, helping children understand what to expect during their day and making them feel more secure and comfortable. Continue Reading →


Parenting time is the legal term of art applied to the time noncustodial parents spend with children in divorce, legal separation, and paternity actions. The phrase “parenting time” has been broadly adopted in the past generation as a replacement to “visitation,” the long-used term used to identify the time spent between noncustodial parents and children. Generally, parenting time should be regular and generous. The objective is to ensure that noncustodial parents and children develop meaningful relationships. Understanding this basic background, situations to arise when supervised parenting time or visitation becomes necessary.

A number of points warrant discussion when considering supervised parenting time. These include:

  • Overview of parenting time supervision
  • Situations that give rise to need for parenting time supervision
  • Termination of supervised parenting time
  • Suspension of parenting time

Overview of Parenting Time Supervision

When an issue arises as to whether parenting time should be supervised, a court applies a judicial standard that focuses on what is in the best interests of a child. Supervised parenting time is instituted when protecting and preserving the best interests of a child necessitates this step, a move that is considered drastic in the grand scheme of things. Continue Reading →

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